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Writing about Aloes and Succulents is a passion and brings the romantic love of these plants to Life in words. Just one or two facts, historical stories and concept of exploration, will make you fall in love, slowly by surely, one plant at a time. Knowledge is power, it exercises the brain; soon you will hope to find yourself sprouting forth Latin names, habitats, background stories, descriptions and snippets of personal attachment and joy.

Following any passion and endeavouring to transform a subjective emotion into attempted eloquence, is part of Lifelong Learning and Growth. It is not always easy, you fight to find words that are ultimately worthy of your story, desperately desiring to share your energy and adoration of the Aloe species across the world, nations and tribes. I fight hard in this plight.I truly believe that the more you know, the better it gets! 

the journal of the British Cactus & Succulent society 
june 2016 - volume 34 No. 2
Aloe, Cactus & Succulent Society of ZimBabwe
November 2014 - No 51

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